What is this?

Some kind of tech related blog or open notebook.
The txt-files are in a github-repo, so feel encouraged to contribute. [0]

What about?

Whatever I stumble upon / find out / try out and want to share and / or want to look up later on.

General advice

When you have followed a security critical guide, you should keep your stuff up to date. I'll try to do the same so I recommend subscribing to the feed [7] or twitter [8] to get the changes.

*I cannot guarantee for anything and you are responsible for yourself.*

/'Cause it all already sucks enough/

Who am I?

See: [10]

What else?

This site is generated with ahrf [2] and wswsh [3] and some of my own additions [4] [5]. What you see is a bunch of static plaintext files and that should be all you need for this kind of thing.

Check out Ypnose's website [6], he is the original creator of those tools.

No JS. I don't like to use it for design and layout.

I try to keep this as accessible as possible, feel free to give me a hint where it isn't.